We decided to go in to pig production after moving to Alburgh from Essex in 2009. 

Between us we have a wealth of experience in livestock and equine husbandry, however the decision to go into pigs was a complete change in direction…


We bought twenty Landrace x Duroc gilts and a large white boar, and soon had to learn the ropes. This included handling very excited young gilts and a boar that was a bit too keen and needed a helping hand, as well as the art of feeding for best results.

As well as the pigs we also have a small flock of Zwartbles sheep that act as lawn mowers to tidy up behind our horses. They are a large, naturally docile breed, and make excellent pets. Their black fleeces are much sought after, and used by local spinning clubs.

Our chickens are mainly brown Goldline hens with a few older Speckled Marans and Sussex crosses thrown in for good measure. They are allowed to roam completely free range, which means they are really happy and lay plenty of eggs with beautiful yellow yokes, full of flavour.


At Friends Farm we pride ourselves on the way we look after all of our animals, whether they are pigs, sheep, chickens, horses or the cats and dogs. We are told that our welfare standards are generally higher than those of the recognised farm assurance schemes.

The incredible views across the Norfolk countryside make living on Friends Farm such a pleasure, so in 2018 we decided to share the scenery with others, setting up our first Shepherds Hut holiday retreat. With a second hut on the way, we look forward to many more happy holidayers on the farm.